Lucite International’s (LI) internship programme in the US offers the best and brightest college students an opportunity to nurture their passions, develop their career potential and network with people around the world. Each student brings with them their own skill set and perspective to our business. We caught up with four of our 2015 interns, based at our sites in the US to ask about their experience at LI and their plans for the future. Today we introduce you to chemical engineering students, Erik Church (on the left) and Joseph Guerre (on the right). Erik is an Auburn University student, working in MMA, while Joseph is a student at the University of Tennessee, working in the Sheet Plant.

Erik Church and Joseph Guerre

What did you know about the Company before applying to the internship programme?
EC: I knew very little about LI before a friend’s parent sparking my interest. Before applying, I did some research and discovered how large and successful LI is.
JG: I had heard of LI before and knew it was involved with acrylics. After researching a little deeper, I learnt it is the leading manufacturer of cast acrylic sheet and a very large producer of MMA.

What were your first impressions?
EC: What I noticed most during my first few days was the attention to safety. Whether it was through the Safe Start stories that people share in meetings or the constant awareness of their surroundings, the safety culture at LI is strong with no room for complacency and people always seeking to be safer.
JG: I was also impressed by how much emphasis they put on safety in every aspect of every day and that there was so much going on at once. The sheet production equipment itself has so many different elements it was overwhelming at first. But everyone I met from day one was extremely friendly and helpful, so I immediately knew this summer would be a great experience.

What have you enjoyed most so far?
EC: The opportunities that LI has given me. I have spoken to many friends who sit at a desk all day at part of their internship. The many employees I’ve had the honor of working with don’t settle for that; they pushed me to be out in the plant, leading projects and doing things I never thought I’d have the opportunity to do as an intern.
JG: I’ve enjoyed being able to see the day-to-day operations and what a typical day is like for the engineers. I’ve also enjoyed being able to work on my own project on top of experiencing everyday life at the Company – there is a good balance of both.

Three words to describe LI Inc.?
EC: Safe, Determined, Aware
JG: Fast-paced, Safe, Intertwined

Would you consider working for LI long-term?
EC: I would most definitely consider working for Lucite International in the long-term. LI is always seeking to improve and that, in my opinion, is the mark of a successful and thriving company.
JG: I would absolutely consider working for LI in the long-term. All the employees are great to work with and the wide range of different jobs and projects is very intriguing.