Light at Play's Yona Appletree stands in front of the company's winning design, the Radiance Dome

Yona Appletree of Light at Play stands in front of his winning design, the Radiance Dome

Technology collective, Light At Play is confirmed as the winner of the inaugural LuciteLux® JUST IMAGINE Awards. Their design, the Radiance Dome, incorporates LED lights that are activated by music and illuminate more than 200 two-foot LuciteLux® Light Guide Panel (LGP) triangles. The original structure was created for the Burning Man 2013 festival, where it provided a 1,000 square foot dance floor for Tangoed Up in Blues, a group that teaches dance lessons to attendees of the annual arts event.

Last night saw the premiere of a short ‘making-of’ documentary, funded by Lucite International (LI), at a screening party at the McDonald Theatre in Eugene, Oregon. Light at Play will also be featured in a full-page advertisement in the January 2014 issue of Architectural Record that celebrates the company’s innovative use of LuciteLux®.

“Light at Play’s immersive LED concept is a brilliant example of what’s happening in the best of lighting design right now. Synchronized installations such as this connect people to one another through a shared emotional experience,” said Simon Ellis, Business Director for Lucite® Branded Products. “We’re honored that Light at Play chose LuciteLux® LGP, which features illuminating particles infused throughout the acrylic, to bring their vision for the Radiance Dome to life. The JUST IMAGINE Award celebrates their creative thinking and the potential of LuciteLux® to turn brilliant ideas into reality.”

Radiance Dome’s lead designer, Yona Appletree, consulted with Multi-Craft Plastics, Lucite International’s valued customer and a local supplier, who recommended LuciteLux® LGP for its exceptional brightness, even illumination and optimized color performance when used with LEDs. Using his experience in software architecture, Yona developed a lighting control system that fully utilized the potential of the glowing panels, which created an interactive space.

“As an artist, you set out to make something not knowing what the world will think,” said Yona. “To watch people’s expressions and know that we were capturing their minds and hearts with our design was truly amazing.”

Light At Play brings together the talents of Appletree and colleagues Kenyon Acton and Wayne Skipper. The trio is already planning their next projects. To learn more about Light At Play’s vision for the future of interactive LED art, visit Light At Play online at

Belinda Bennett, IIDA, ASID, of Bennett Design Group, is the runner-up of this year’s awards, for her design of the Airspace Lounge at JFK International Airport in New York. She used LuciteLux® as both an accent wall to attract visitors as they passed the lounge’s glass doors, as well as a wall behind the bar.

“The LuciteLux® used for the accent wall created a beautiful blue glow that is an automatic draw to the space,” said Belinda. “The back bar wall is lit with natural light by day and LED in the evening. The light transmitting qualities were important for bottle display and to block exterior views.”

The JUST IMAGINE Awards celebrate designers from all industries who have embraced the uniqueness of working with, and creating designs using LuciteLux®. After the success of its first year, which featured such high quality entries, LI has already started planning the 2014 JUST IMAGINE Awards.