With a passion for jewelry making, Emma Worrall left her career as a Deputy Head Teacher to focus solely on her acrylic jewelry business, Little Pig Jewellery Design. They create quirky, fun, handmade brooches, necklaces and earrings using a range of Perspex® acrylic colors and effects.


Little Pig was set up in 2014 just before Emma attended a silversmithing course, which marked a change in the course of her future from working in a school to becoming a full-time business owner and jewelry designer and maker. To prepare for her new venture, Emma completed a hand-made acrylic jewelry course at the London Jewellery School and a laser-cutting workshop near her local town. Little Pig designs and makes everything in its workshop, based in rural Derbyshire in the UK, creating anything from rainbows to pet dogs and creating bespoke designs according to what customers are looking for.



Perspex® acrylic is integral to Little Pig’s jewelry offer. Emma explained: “Perspex® acrylic is our number one go-to material and is used in the majority of our designs. If we make a brooch for example, the whole piece apart from the brooch back is made from Perspex® acrylic, even the tiniest, most intricate parts!

“We love working with Perspex® acrylic as you can achieve a smooth finish, it is fun to engrave and if you heat it you can bend and shape it to make something truly unique. Almost anything is possible using acrylic, taking a design idea into a wearable piece of art. Perspex® acrylic helps to bring our ideas to life and our final products really stand out when you wear them.”

A typical Little Pig customer is fun and quirky. Emma continued: “My customer is someone who is not afraid to stand out from the crowd. I am inspired by everything and anything when creating a new design. I am obsessed with color and glitter and with so many Perspex® acrylic colors and textures to choose from, I am able to recreate everything I am inspired by, from everyday experiences to the beauty of where we live. I love experimenting with transparent, pearl and glitter Perspex® acrylic and the finished jewelry looks amazing. Often my customers tell me that a particular piece of jewelry holds a special meaning for them, which makes creating these special pieces really worthwhile.”

You can find out more about Little Pig on their website, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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