Lucite® brand has a new look, including a new logo, new color palette and a new website.

Passionate, trustworthy and straight talking, the Lucite® brand is continuously working with designers and manufacturers to achieve the highest performing acrylic sheets for baths, showers, basins and spas.

Underpinning the refresh of the brand is an all-important positioning statement of lifelong luxury. Even after 80 years, Lucite® brand acrylic continues to be chosen by manufacturers for its exceptional processing characteristics & qualities, while consumers enjoy its durability and ability to retain its beauty.

The distinctive new half roundel shape of the logo will make the Lucite® mark instantly recognisable within the bath industry, while communicating the level of quality & expertise on offer.

There has been a careful selection of the representative colour palette, choosing a dramatic, yet thoughtful shade of purple communicating luxury, originality and visionary thinking for the future.

The new branding can be seen here.