Lucite International at ADEX 2012

Lucite International China (LIC) exhibited at ADEX 2012, 11-14 July 2012 in Shanghai. Working alongside its downstream cast acrylic sheet manufacturer partners, LIC organised the creation of ‘Acrylic Shops’, an area of the exhibition that showcased and promoted the creative opportunities offered by acrylic. Covering an area of 180,000m2 Acrylic Shops attracted thousands of visitors over the four-days and was recognised as one of the highlights of the show.

Each of LIC’s partners designed and built creative booths, many featuring acrylic structures, and used these as a platform to inspire the advertising, design and fabrication communities. Booth displays promoted the great array of colour options, textures and design possibilities. Two of LIC’s customers, Raychung and Tachygem, also showcased LED panel lighting, which attracted special interest from visitors.

LIC’s sister company, Taiwan-based KMC, organised a group of acrylics industry visitors to attend the show to capitalise on the Company’s presence at ADEX. The successful event is further demonstration of LIC’s commitment to accelerate the development of the acrylics industry more widely in Asia.

LIC’s manufacturer partners, who exhibited at ADEX 2012 included: Taixing Domchamp Acrylics Co Ltd, Shanghai Raychung Acrylic Industry Co Ltd, Ningbo Tachygem Acrylic Industry Co Ltd, Shanghai Acrylic Chemical Industry Co Ltd, Zhejiang Longyou Zhanyu Acrylic Co Ltd, Lei Mei Acrylic (Dongguan) Co Ltd, Heshan Respect Acrylic Co Ltd, and Suzhou Julang Acrylic Products Co Ltd.