A Heat Recovery project, implemented at LI’s plant in Singapore (LISPL), has won MRC’s prestigious President’s Award for ‘Most Outstanding KAITEKI’. Ben Harris, previously General Manager of LISPL, paid tribute to the local team, which worked together with LI’s Strategic Projects Group, to achieve so much as he accepted the award on their behalf at a ceremony in Tokyo.



Each year, the President’s Award recognizes project(s) that demonstrate exceptional achievement in innovation and originality in tackling current workplace challenges. The MRC judging committee and MRC board members evaluated each entry based on these criteria. This year they decided to bestow awards to four projects, with the most prestigious being given to the Heat Recovery project.


The project was unique in winning the Most Outstanding KAITEKI President’s Award, an award that is reserved for only the most exceptional contribution of value and true realization of KAITEKI. Ben explained: “The Heat Recovery project was selected as the winner for a number of reasons summarized as follows:


– We met all our Safety, Health and Environment targets including achieving over 580,000 injury free man-hours; particularly noteworthy as much of the construction was done within a live operating plant environment.

– We quickly and fully demonstrated benefits (energy saving and CO2 reduction) in line with the design expectations of the new technology.

– We demonstrated the benefits of our work in Q4 2015 per the program of work despite (very) late delivery of a major plant item.

– The project was delivered under budget.

– The Alpha 1 plant is normally highly reliable and the operation since commissioning has been no different.

– We were awarded a SG$4m capital grant by the Singaporean government in recognition of successful demonstration of the energy usage reduction and sustainability benefits, and we have now won the ‘Best Practices’ category of the Energy Efficiency National Partnerships Awards 2016 run by the National Environment Agency of Singapore

– The project met all of the KAITEKI principles in terms of sustainability, technology and economics.

– The project was an excellent example of how a culturally and geographically diverse team can work together over an extended period to deliver a complex project.”


And how did the team feel about the huge honor of winning the highest possible award? Ben concluded: “Wonderful! It is excellent recognition for a lot of hard work on a complicated and technically innovative project. There’s been fantastic cross working and collaboration with all out partners including Strategic Projects Group in Wilton, our own LISPL team, MRC and our engineering and construction contractors.”