NEPIC awards

Lucite International (LI) recently sponsored the 10th North East of England Process Industry Cluster (NEPIC) Annual Industry Awards, celebrating the achievements of the companies and individuals in the chemicals-processing industries in the North East of England.

450 industry leaders were in attendance as £20,000 in prize funds was donated to the worthy winners in support of future career development and science-related projects with local schools. What’s more, the acrylic trophies received by the winners were provided by LI, putting local industry at the heart of the event.

This was the 5th year LI has sponsored the event, and a team of employees made sure the Company was well represented. “I thought the section given to apprentices was a great touch,” said John Kirton, planner at LI’s Cassel site, “for them to know they are being appreciated and rewarded for their work will no doubt assist young people getting into the industry.”

He continued, “It was a great insight into the work NEPIC do and are trying to secure both now and for the future of our area.”

NEPIC trophies