Lucite International is pleased to welcome Chate Pattanakul as the new General Manger to Thai Poly Acrylic (TPA), in Thailand. Chate was appointed in January and takes over from Suchitr Srivetbodee, who stepped down after 19 happy years of leading the company.

Today, TPA is known as a leading producer of high quality acrylic sheet in Thailand. To meet the changing and increasingly stringent demands from both the domestic and international markets, TPA has been continuously upgrading its production technology. Using his experience of international manufacturing operations, Chate will continue to drive progress and business expansion as part of his role as General Manager.

Chate has spent over 20 years working in both national and leading international businesses, such as Unilever, where his responsibilities have included everything from strategic planning to purchasing, sales and marketing and IT. Most recently he was Managing Director of the large Brazilian company, Interman Corporation.

Chate, tells us what inspired him about the prospect of working at TPA:

“I was attracted to TPA as it was a similar industry and market place to my previous job. The company has the same management philosophy and has built a strong national and increasingly international reputation due to its solid performance.  So far, the company has certainly lived up to my expectations. My early impressions are that it is a well-managed company with an experienced and dedicated management team. I am most looking forward to managing the business expansion over the next decade.”