Lucite Spa's three new colours

Lucite® SPA’s three new colours

The Lucite® SPA team pride themselves on their expertise in design and color. It has been part of their heritage for over 75 years and they are continually adding to their impressive color story.

This week, Lucite® SPA announced the addition of three brand new colors to their already striking range: Pacific Rim, Painted Desert and Oregon Sunset. Beth Almond is Lucite® SPA’s color consultant and she draws on inspiration in nature to create a more harmonious experience for the spa user. Beth explains in more detail where the inspiration for the new Lucite® SPA colors came from:

“Inspiration for my work comes from nature and things that are created by the earth. Painted Desert comes from the name of an actual desert in Arizona, near the Grand Canyon. I found the colors in the Painted Desert captivating and thought how beautiful it would be to create a spa with sand and mountains in mind.

“The color Oregon Sunset came from my interpretation of a photo taken of a sunset in Oregon.  At the end of a long day at work, the thought of being submerged in those warm, misty, tranquil colors gives me peace of mind that I will renew my desire to work another day.

“Finally, people love water. Water has many different colors depending on which part of the world you choose and all bodies of water have ever-changing visual texture, colors and movement. This was my inspiration for Pacific Rim.”

The three new colors will be unveiled this week at the Pool Spa Patio Exhibition in Las Vegas, which is the industry’s leading trade event. Chris Robinson, Lucite International’s Sheet Business Manager for the Americas, and his team are looking forward to launching the new colors at the exhibition. Chris comments:

“We have completely remodelled the booth to showcase our three new colors this year. Our new booth reflects the strength of our brand and continued innovation and leadership in this key market.”

Lucite® SPA recently launched Color My Spa, a tool which allows Lucite® SPA customers to experiment with different colors and effects to determine which one works best with their décor…all at the click of a button.

The Lucite® SPA team will be at Booth 2022 at the Pool Spa Patio Exhibition this week or find out more on their website