The 2016 International Pool, Spa & Patio Expo (IPSPE) in New Orleans was the perfect place for Lucite International (LI) to announce the addition of two new colors, Whispering Winds and 7th Heaven, to the Lucite® SPA range. The event ran from November 2-4 and featured over 525 manufacturers showcasing the latest trends and technologies.


Recognized in the industry for its color innovation, Lucite® SPA introduced the two new vibrant and on-trend shades as part of its Serenity™ Series.

“Whispering Winds and 7th Heaven are hues that promote relaxation and setting yourself free from everyday cares and concerns,” said Beth Almond, color consultant to LI. “Hot tub manufacturers need an array of color options for discerning consumers who consider how a spa fits their home’s overall décor. Today Lucite® SPA offers more than 15 hues in textured granites, smooth, elegant marbles and lustrous surface effects that are designed to fit any environment.”

Whispering Winds whips together gold, silver, and pearl. An engulfing spirit of power, love, and healing is attributed to these precious gifts of the earth. Bask in this mystical creation, spun into an oasis of infinite calm.

7th Heaven is a captivating shade of blue; mesmerized by the heavens as gossamer clouds skim slowly across a vivid blue sky. Blissful memories and daydreams weave gently through your mind. Floating aimlessly at the whimsy of wayward winds, weightless and carefree. The ideal moment to unwind in effervescent waters.


Lucite SPA® also made a splash by unveiling a completely new booth that took on a sweeping, open air feeling and the use of LuciteLux® products throughout the booth allowed LED lights and lightboxes to brightly call out their messages.

Speaking after the event, Chris Robinson, cast sheet business manager for LI, commented “The booth also featured Sedona, a concept color for show attendees to comment on and drive conversation on what excites people about how color is used.”

A spa made from Lucite® cast acrylic has the strength, durability and toughness to withstand frequent use. Available in a wide array of textures and colors that won’t fade over time, Lucite® cast acrylic resists everyday wear and tear, stains, and superficial scratches.