Excited visitors  and potential business supporters for 2015 surrounded the Lucite® SPA booth at the 2014 International Pool, Spa & Patio Expo (IPSPE), held in Orlando, USA. Buzzing with optimism and with a sense that ‘the industry is back on a more solid footing’, the event was a great success for the team. Chris Robinson, Sheet Business Manager in the USA said: “Continuing our color leadership role in the industry, we were excited to introduce three new spa surface colors for 2015 at the show. Inspired by our in-house color team together with our color consultant, Beth Almond, ASID, and then developed at The Lucite Center and Fite Road plant, these recent additions make up the brand new Metallix™ series: Winter Solstice and Glacier Mountain, while Yosemite Forest was added to the Serenity™ Series.

Every Lucite® SPA color has a strong story behind it and we asked Beth to explain her thinking for the new 2015 options. She said: “Winter Solstice was inspired by the miracle and splendour of our universe – I was thinking of the moon; mystifying, silver, reflecting light, captivating to stand and watch.

For Glacier Mountain, I put myself on a ski lodge balcony and gazed out over the slopes. The mountain in clear view glistened with silver ice and the whitest snow – the spa color reflects this sense of purity and calm.

For Yosemite Forest, I was once again inspired by nature – lush, leafy green foliage, mountain vistas, flowing water, the world’s natural rhythms taking their course. It has been truly fantastic to watch these colors come to life and the reaction at IPSPE makes the whole process so rewarding.”

For SPAS it is all about the colors and effects which is why we, at Lucite International, are highly dedicated to creating beautiful and inspiring choices for the consumer. “Our Glacier Mountain product is impressive, but we have a real winner in our Winter Solstice color. Customers domestically and in export markets feel it is right on trend and exquisite.  We can’t make enough!!” commented C. Robinson.