Lucite International (LI) has reimagined the emotional connection between color and the art of relaxation at the 2017 International Pool, Spa and Patio Expo (IPSPE), held in Orlando, Florida. The show attracts over 10,000 people to visit 525 exhibitors showcasing the latest trends and technologies.


Lucite® SPA is LI’s cast acrylic for spa surfaces. The America’s team chose IPSPE as the perfect place to announce the launch of two new colors, Sedona and Crimson Night, which will form part of the brand’s popular Metallix™ Series.

“We know color can have a tremendous impact on how people feel about purchasing and ultimately using a spa,” said Chris Robinson, business manager for LI. “Ultimately everything we do is about creating an experience. We’ve found that color is an important component in creating products that people feel good about using.”

The Story

Today Lucite® SPA offers more than 17 hues in textured granites, smooth, elegant marbles and lustrous surface effects that are designed to fit any environment. Each year, Lucite® SPA unveils color cards with images and stories for dealers to use in their showrooms across the Americas. Download yours here:


Sedona’s red rock rises majestically from the desert flatlands. Brilliantly sunlit mesas radiate an energy that transcends explanation. For some, an invitation to adventure and mystery, for others a sacred place for tranquillity and reflection.

Crimson Night

Reach for the stars. Be swept along the Milky Way as it stretches across the night sky. Vibrant, sophisticated, and perfect for celebrations big and small.

A spa made from Lucite® cast acrylic has the strength durability and toughness to withstand frequent use. Available in a wide array of textures and colors that won’t fade over time, Lucite® cast acrylic resists everyday wear and tear, stains, and superficial scratches.

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