This summer, our Fite Road site in the USA enlisted the help of three interns to support its new computer maintenance management software, which is used to improve data accuracy on the plant.

Victor Foster, Reliability & Maintenance Lead, explains how valuable they have been to the Fite Road team.

Pictured [L-R]: Kiara Benson, Paul Scott, MaKenzie Baird.

Can you introduce the interns and where they joined us from?

“Kiara Benson joined us from Tuskegee University where she studies Electrical Engineering. Paul Scott joined us from the University of Memphis and MaKenzie Baird from the University of Tennessee, both studying Mechanical Engineering.”

What support have the interns provided and why has this been important?

“The interns this summer focused on improving data integrity in our new computer maintenance management software, Maximo, which saw them carry out a number of important tasks.

“They took pictures of our entire inventory to decrease confusion around which parts to order, meaning we would have fewer parts returned to inventory. They also took pictures of our plant equipment to visually verify that work orders were written against the correct piece of equipment.

“Finally, they worked on our parent/child relationship for all equipment on site. This had many benefits, from finding what was missing in the system to having a ‘drill-down’ visual tool to help us find the correct locations to write work orders against.

“All of this work is to improve our data accuracy. The cleaner our work orders and inventory parts ordered are, the better reliability analysis we can do in future. This work on the front-end of the system will be extremely valuable later.”

What value will Kiara, Paul and MaKenzie have gained from their experience?

Towards the end of their internship, they told us:

“This internship has been extremely valuable for us by allowing us to see first-hand how engineers operate day-to-day. Not only was observing and talking with engineers valuable, but we were given meaningful projects of our own, our own space to work and freedom to decide how to complete tasks.

“The engineers here at Lucite International are all very approachable which promoted a great learning environment when we hit obstacles in our projects. This also helped us to see the importance of working as a team. We were able to complete our projects and see them implemented into the system, which is very valuable as an intern.”