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In September, Lucite International’s Speciality Resins and Polymers (LISPR) business marked the 25 year anniversary of the first batch of Colacryl® produced on the Newton Aycliffe site. The first batch was used as a coating for high-heel shoes but today it is sold globally for use in a wide range of industries.

Colacryl® is an acrylic polymer which is developed and delivered to build optimum performance into products such as bone cement in the medical sector, porous moulds for sanitary ware and ceramics, glass interleavants for the protection of glass as it is stored and transported, denture and orthodontic polymers for dentistry and also for coatings, inks and adhesives. Currently, LISPR is investigating and work in new ways to use methacrylate-based polymers and resins for use in 3D printing and metallographic encapsulation.

Colacryl® and other resins and polymers created at Newton Aycliffe are part of a growing business which is continuously evolving in terms of geographic markets and applications. LISPR has built a reputation for excellence in innovation and bespoke solutions over its 60 years of operations and today it is as strongly committed as ever to research and development with almost all sales based on individually tailored solutions. At the core of the business foundations are strong and long-lasting customer relationships that stand the test of time and span many sectors globally.

LISPR is also focused on operational excellence. In 2010, the business achieved ‘Excellent’ in the company’s Manufacturing Excellence Audit and has since sustained a strong performance level. Since 2009, the site has been operating at 96%+ OTIF (on time in full), exceeding world-class measures for batch operations and currently, it is running at 99%+.

David Downie, Commercial Director of LISPR, comments:

“It is an exciting time for the Speciality Polymers and Resins business as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of our first batch of Colacryl® here at Newton Aycliffe. Both existing and new market sectors are bringing opportunities for our business to grow. Much has been achieved over the past 25 years that builds on our long heritage. The Speciality Polymers and Resins business is looking to the future in a spirit of partnership with our customers and our colleagues so we may build on our successes and achieve even more together.”

LISPR’s acrylic polymers and resins are manufactured in the UK and are sold globally under three brand names- Lucite®, Elvacite® and Colacryl®. Find out more about LISPR on their microsite.