Mini Museum is a pocket-sized collection of rare specimens from Earth and beyond. It houses unique, carefully selected contents spanning billions of years.

These wonderful products are made using Lucite® acrylic resin, and they are also crafted by one of our long-term customers, Meisner Acrylic Castings. Creator and Chief Curator of Mini Museum, Hans Fex spoke to us about realizing his life-long dream.



First, tell us a bit about what inspired your idea of creating Mini Museum pieces and how have things evolved?

HF: I originally had the idea for a Mini Museum when I was seven years old. My father, Dr Jörgen Fex, was a scientist with the National Institutes of Health here in the US. Growing up, we had subscriptions to every science magazine and living near Washington DC, we visited the Smithsonian museum where I saw dinosaur bones, meteorites and rockets every weekend. In 1977, he brought home a small geological specimen from a conference in Malta and sealed it in epoxy resin. That’s when I had the idea and it stuck.

Over the years, I collected specimens and met with many amazing experts, scientists, astronauts and adventurers. With their help and backing from thousands of people around the world, I was finally able to bring it all together in 2014 and realize my life-long dream in the form of the first edition Mini Museum.


Why did you choose Lucite® acrylic to create Mini Museum?

HF: After the success of our first edition of Mini Museum, we wanted to see just how far we could take the second. We turned to LI because your acrylic products are simply the best in terms of optical clarity and durability.


 Hans with his latest creation, the Mini Museum Third Edition.


Tell us very briefly how you use our product?

HF: With the help of Meisner Galleries in New York, the artifacts that we have carefully selected for each unique edition of Mini Museum are cast in crystal clear Lucite® acrylic. We switched to Lucite® acrylic in 2015 for the second edition of Mini Museum and haven’t looked back since.


What characteristics of Lucite® acrylic have helped Mini Museum stand out?

HF: Absolutely flawless optical clarity! It’s almost as if the tiny specimens are suspended in space.


How would you describe your customers?

HF: We have over 10,000 customers around the world. Most Mini Museums are with individuals – people who love science, history and art. However, we have also sent Mini Museums to hundreds of educational organizations: schools, libraries, and actual museums.


Why do you think people are drawn to your product?

HF: I think the success of the Mini Museum is due to the natural curiosity people have about the world we live in and the universe as a whole. The Mini Museum is a unique way of capturing so much in a single, manageable space. Also, holding 4.5 billion years of history in the palm of your hand is pretty amazing.


What does the future look like for Mini Museum?

HF: After a lot of preparation, the third edition Mini Museum has recently been launched and the contents look absolutely stunning encased in Lucite® acrylic!


About the Mini Museums

– Mini Museums are available as limited edition collections

– Each edition has a specific and unique set of specimens

– Large size measures 5”x4”x1” while small is 4”x3”x1”

– Meisner Acrylic Casting is the specialist company manufacturing Mini Museums

– Meet the amazing team, which supports Hans

– Available to purchase online

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