Lucite International’s Newton Aycliffe site has completed a major project to replace the previous batch operated washing and drying equipment with a brand new continuous process. Referred to locally as the ‘Line 2 Project’, it has been a valuable opportunity to increase capacity while satisfying various SHE and legislative requirements, which were all key drivers for this important program of work.

Fantastic team effort coupled with the use of 3D design software has been a defining factor in the ongoing success of this project.

The brand new layout of Line 2, vizualized clearly in 3D.

The brand new layout of Line 2, vizualized clearly in 3D.


old line equipment 3D model

The original equipment, vizualized in 3D.


Timothy Carter, process engineer for the project, explained: “Installation of the new Line 2 system began with a significant challenge as we had to replace existing equipment and technology with new within the same space, and in a live environment. The project team used 3D design software throughout the detailed design and planning phase to simulate a viable program of work to ensure that we could do all of this without disrupting the business. Using the 3D technology to support the project has also meant that the whole site team could be involved in identifying potential opportunities and managing risks at the earliest opportunity.

“The current project work has seen the decommissioning of the existing equipment, with large items also being brought within the project Construction Design and Management (CDM) work area during the sites annual overhaul. This minimized the impact on surrounding lines as they are brought back online. The attitude of the site has been excellent, with many members of the team going above and beyond to help the project be a success.

“The new equipment is expected to allow full capacity to be realized following operational optimization of Line 2 across LISPR’s diverse product portfolio. Everyone on site is looking forward to seeing the benefits of this exciting upgrade.”

The project team has been supported by the maintenance and operations teams, who often went above and beyond to ensure successful outcomes no matter what the challenge.

And a special mention for the contribution from external partners: JBA and AM Engineering