Lucite International Inc. (LI) appointed a new President, Tim May, earlier this year. Tim assumed the role after three years spent heading up the Company’s manufacturing operations in the Americas. We share here some of his thoughts about his new position.



What appealed to you most about becoming President?

I feel so fortunate to be part of the team that is dramatically improving the Americas business performance. The LI Americas team is an outstanding group of talented professionals and it’s a privilege to be a part of it. What most appealed to me was the opportunity to broaden my scope outside of manufacturing and lead on a wider scale. We’re in the midst of significant changes across our businesses while also working to integrate into the Mitsubishi regional organization. I believe my knowledge of the businesses, my Dow background in global business units and leveraged service functions, and the disciplined approach from my years in manufacturing will serve me well.


Tell us about transitioning into the President role

Being on the Americas Leadership Team for the last two years made for a quick and smooth transition. I have worked closely with the other leaders over that time and was thus familiar with the activities, challenges, plans and people within the organization. I’ve come to know the teams and their capabilities, which makes me sensitive to the challenges we all face. I’ve also developed a deep understanding of the Company’s broader strategic plans through building solid relationships with LI, MRC and MCHC leaders across the globe.


What are your 3-5 year goals for the business?

First and foremost, we are updating the strategy for the region, which will enable teams to refocus and accelerate our vision of growing the business and restoring profitability. Our people have accomplished much over the past few years and there is still more to do. The good news is that our future is bright. Refreshing the strategic plans will not only make this abundantly clear, it will also enable all to see how they will fit into that future.


What’s the one area on which you’d most like to leave an imprint?

I want this region to rank in the top tier across all our key metrics once our plans and strategies have been put in place. This will be the teams’ imprints, not just mine. As for me, when I look back, I’d like to say that I was able to progress our ability to work efficiently across cultures and global business units, ensuring that our service to our customers was always front of mind as we grew together. I want to greatly improve communications and cultural understanding, as it is so critical to a truly successful global company. I also want to focus on one of our core values in particular: releasing the personal potential of our employees. We have remarkable people with so much potential. The changes that are underway in the global business units and the regional integration activity provide the perfect opportunity for employees to grow beyond traditional boundaries.


What do you believe is the greatest challenge facing the Americas region?

The greatest challenge is prioritization and setting the right pace for the large projects underway. I also want to refocus the organization with a refreshed strategy full of sharp and decisive strategic plans. We can do all of this as long as it is orchestrated properly. That’s the challenge.


What about our greatest strength?

Our greatest strength, which is what will get us through the aforementioned challenge, is the capability of the team, including the extended team outside of the Americas region. We are confident that LI has the plans and teams in place to meet our objectives.