A fantastic project being carried out by our team at Newton Aycliffe in the UK has seen the site start running on a 100% renewable electricity supply.

In line with our KAITEKI vision of working towards the world’s sustainable well-being, we spotted an opportunity earlier this year to make some big improvements to the way energy is used across the Newton Aycliffe site.

A new “green energy” contract with our energy provider is one part of this, but a site-wide team effort has seen even more ideas put in place. This includes…

– Stop/start technology on our production lines for maximum energy efficiency.

– Better automation, which allows us to track and monitor what we’re using with greater detail.

– Passive light sensors. If nobody’s working in a particular area, the lights won’t be on until they sense somebody is.

And it goes even deeper than that. Our initiative to reduce utility consumption is finding more ways to measure, reduce and improve over the coming weeks and months as we continue our digitalisation journey. This includes a new web portal to help us understand the site’s energy usage better and identify potential savings.

Gary Clark, Site Manager, says:

“Our site has a good track record for utilising technology to deliver improvements.  Our KAITEKI vision, supported by our site team, has given us greater momentum in reducing waste.  We believe that waste reduction always pays. For the environment, for our people and for our business sustainability.  The team are passionate about working on ways to reduce waste and I’m sure we will continue deliver on our KAITEKI vision.”