Lucite International China (LIC) recently shared news of its annual teambuilding event held in the beautiful Ninghai County, which is home to Qiantong Old Town, one of the country’s longest surviving centers for Confucian culture.

We hear from LIC’s Angela Zhang and Janne Wang about the exciting two-day event, which required everyone to draw on their very many and varied talents in order to meet the challenges set to engender an even stronger team spirit.

Food, glorious food!

Day one began with a Master Chef Competition in Qiantong Old Town. Four groups of people from the plant at Caojing and from the commercial offices in Shanghai were sent off to select ingredients with only pictures of the dishes they had to cook as a guide.

Angela said: “It should have been a lovely, romantic experience to walk through the narrow stone streets but we were all on a serious mission, walking hastily and wondering anxiously where the food was to be found because we knew that the first to arrive would enjoy the best choice of ingredients!


“By noon, with food gathered in, the real competition began. It was funny to see LIC ‘chefs’ cooking in the kitchen. Some were preparing garlic and peppers. Some were busy washing vegetables. Such talent you would never see in the office! In the kitchen it was easy to see we were rivals but also friends helping each other and delivering our promises together.”

Once the food had been prepared, the head chef of the kitchen in Qiantong judged the best tasting dishes. Janne Wang, one of the deserving winners said: “It was great fun to work together in the kitchen instead of being in our normal environment. The wonderful food we created and then ate together as one big family was the delicious reward of our labors.”


Down at the racetrack

On day two, all 55 members of the LIC team were divided into two groups and then challenged with making a F1 racing car out of cardboard. The aim was for each car to be pushed along the racetrack with a F1 driver at the wheel!


Angela said: “It was complicated, but we all got involved and tried our best to add something. It was both a challenge and a great opportunity to be creative. Some were responsible for drawing, some for cutting wheels, some for installation. When we finally saw our ‘high performance’ cars racing along the track, we jumped for joy! It felt as though we were receiving the best reward for our outstanding performance at that moment. As each teambuilding event draws to a close we all agree that our team spirit has grown again.”