The Plazit-Polygal Group is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of plastic sheet products. It has been buying methacrylates from Lucite International (LI) for its acrylic offer for almost 15 years. We talked to Mr Tito Asher, Plazit-Polygal Group CEO, about the successful, growing partnership.

From simple beginnings
Both Plazit and Polygal began manufacture of extruded plastic sheet in 1973. Plazit was established in Kibbutz Gazit, located in Israel’s beautiful Galilee area and Polygal was established not far away in Kibbutz Ramat Hashofet. From modest beginnings, both companies expanded their operations worldwide to become global players in the plastic sheet market. In 2011 Plazit and Polygal merged to form the Plazit-Polygal Group. Today, the Group’s production facilities are located in Israel, USA, Chile, Bulgaria, Russia and Spain and there are more than 750 employees spread globally.

Innovation is key
We asked Mr Asher to tell us about the exciting product range the Plazit-Polygal Group has to offer its customers. He said: “We manufacture more than 55,000 tons of products each year. More than 50% of sales come from PMMA-based sheets that are branded Plazcast (cast acrylic), which are made using methyl methacrylate supplied by LI, and Plazcryl (extruded). Innovation is important to us and we continue to developed and introduce new solutions to the market such as ‘Plazcryl Super’, a broad range of impact modified PMMA sheets used for many different applications; ‘Plazcryl Top’, optimum optical quality, thin PMMA sheets for flat panel displays applications; ‘Acryled’ PMMA sheets for LED illumination, and ‘Plazcryl UV Block’ and ’Plazcryl IR Solar that have special UV and IR blocking qualities engineered into the PMMA sheets.

Protecting people and the world we live in
Our latest developments include ‘Plazcast SMR’, which is a patented metal reinforced sheet for sound barriers and a new on-line coating technology. Plazcast SMR cast acrylic sheets are reinforced with embedded metal wires to provide the extra strength required for the sheets to conform to the most stringent mechanical and impact tests for sound barriers. This is particularly important for sound barriers where safety is a critical consideration such as alongside bridges.”

Commitment to a sustainable future
Plazit-Polygal Group’s ambition is to become one of the largest and most visionary PMMA producers in the world. Mr Asher explained the Group’s brand promise, ‘It’s all about commitment’. He said: “It means commitment to our customers, to our workers and also to our suppliers. The Plazit-Polygal Group has established long-term, special relationships with leading raw material suppliers like LI and LI’s distributor/agent, Quimidroga, in Spain in order to create the best value for everyone in the supply chain. We are aware that PMMA is not just a commodity plastic but a highly technical engineering thermoplastic that is continuously penetrating new markets and replacing traditional materials. As the technical challenges increase, we are investing in and developing a team of engineers and R&D professionals to support our customers and their own growth aspirations. Sustainability is very important for us and we are fully committed to drive progress in this respect. We are currently performing LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) studies and are also involved in solar energy, biodegradables and recycling R&D projects.”

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