Artists of all kinds continually opt for Perspex® acrylic in their designs due to its unique flexibility to be made into almost anything.

Shaped By Design, a creative pop-up design festival held in London (UK) was the perfect opportunity for London-based designer Helen Brough to use Perspex® acrylic to bring her installation to life. Dahlia Cuore is a contemporary sculpture inspired by a painting from Helen’s Fiori series, which recently showcased at the inaugural New York edition of The Other Art Fair.

This technicolor artwork was made possible due to the vast range of Perspex® acrylic colors,  which were carefully chosen to produce a chromatic scale using complementary opposites to increase the depth effect of the piece.

Ten cleverly constructed layers of Perspex® acrylic were used to create Dahlia Cuore. Ease of fabrication makes Perspex® acrylic the perfect choice for all kinds of artist, and the ability to laser cut to create intricate designs is clearly demonstrated in each layer of this multi-dimensional installation.

Dahlia Cuore radiated into the surrounding space at Exchange House in Broadgate, an exciting area of development in the city of London for both business and the arts. The Exchange house offered 360-degree views of the artwork and a chance to pause, gaze and reflect from both inside the building and from the surrounding walkways.

Helen Brough said: “The idea behind the sculpture was to have a series of layers that decreased, producing an effect of perspective and a focal point where the viewer could gaze into the sculpture – in effect looking through the heart of the Dahlia.”

Dahlia Cuore (The Heart of the Dahlia) By Helen Brough, Exchange House

The flexibility of Perspex® acrylic allows it to be used in almost any application imaginable. To find out more about how you might use Perspex® acrylic, and to see the vast range of colors and textures, visit