Laser cutting and engraving specialists, Cutting Technologies, recently held an exhibition called Enlightened to bring together some top creative talent to explore the potential of lasers in design. The focal point of the exhibition was a relaxing chair designed by Kyle Wilkinson, Creative Director at DMSQD and crafted by Cutting Technologies in 12mm thick Perspex® Clear, which was supplied by Perspex Distribution Ltd.

Kyle Wilkinson explains about his design,

“My main goal was to create a chair that looked intricate and fluid from one angle, whilst looking rigid and elegant from another. If you look at the chair from the front it looks completely different to what it does from the side. The Perspex® provided an extra element; as light refracts through the individual sections it breaths even more life into the chair.”

Cutting Technologies chose Perspex® for its high quality amongst other reasons. Jane Robinson, Director of Cutting Technologies, gives more insight,

“To achieve this design we used Perspex® Sheet and Perspex® Rod in the chair, with no fixings just slots. As laser cutters and engravers working with creative and architectural clients we value the consistency offered by Perspex® in terms of the stock range available next day and the product itself. Quality was critical to the aesthetics of the piece so we never considered using any other acrylic. We have found that even small things like the quality of the vinyl coating can affect the laser cut leaving a small “lip” on the back face. This would have affected the final look and also how the rods fitted in the chair.

“We invited designers from the world of art, fashion, accessories and furniture to use any style or material in their concepts. The only rule was that their work had to incorporate laser cutting and/or engraving. The exhibition was such a success that we extended its run from two weeks to a month. Increasing numbers of creative people are coming to us to discover how laser cutting and engraving technology can transform their designs. Enlightened was all about exploring that and bringing laser technology to audiences in a way that inspires and provokes wider thinking. Perspex® played a key role in the exhibition, with a number of designers choosing to incorporate the material in their designs. We even chose to make the invitations to the event in Perspex ® Black- laser engraved, of course!”

Cutting Technologies has six of the best laser cutters in the UK, which are in operation 24 hours each day. They can cut and engrave full size Perspex® sheets giving optimum material utilisation.

Read more about Perspex Distribution Ltd. here: http://www.perspex.co.uk/