Gaining ‘approved fabricator’ status from Perspex Distribution Limited (PDL) is a mark of quality craftsmanship, experience and dependability. Clients using Perspex® acrylic see their ideas transformed into reality by approved fabricators who, in many cases, enjoy a relationship with the material going back many years.

At Lucite International, we really value the incredible work our approved fabricators do using our Perspex® acrylic and love to hear from them about how it helps them to build their own businesses while delighting their customers through the projects they work on together.

We spoke to London-based Abplas about their work.

Pictured: Gold Award winning ‘Pearlfisher Garden’ at the 2018 RHS Chelsea Flower Show, with blue acrylic fabricated by Abplas to create an underwater illusion. (Image: Pearlfisher)

Tell us a bit about your company’s history – how long have you been trading and what made you decide to form?

We are a family business of plastic professionals, established over 70 years ago. We originally started out making lampshades and jewellery! As the years passed, we progressed into working with timber and metals, and finally concentrated our efforts on plastics. We haven’t looked back since!

We now specialise in designing and fabricating a range of bespoke products from 3D illuminated lettering and standoff signs to display cases and exhibition centre-pieces. 

How many people work within your business?

In recent years we have grown to a team of eight people, who all work really well together.

How would you describe your company’s ethos?

We have succeeded for seven decades by continually learning and developing new ways to provide bespoke solutions.

What sets you apart from competitors?

We take great pride in listening to, and advising our customers in order to fulfil their design brief. Our approach enables us to present our customers with finished products that they are not only very happy with, but we are very proud of too.

What types of customer do you supply?

We supply, design and fabricate plastic for a wide variety of customers such as exhibition companies, architects, advertising agencies, film and set designers, facilities managers, shop fitters and interior designers.

What’s your favourite kind of customer?

We love a challenge! We also love working with customers who are happy to listen to our advice and work with us in order for us to produce high quality, bespoke products.

What do you like about working with Perspex® acrylic – which of its qualities make it stand out?

We love working with Perspex® acrylic because it is so versatile; the possibilities are endless. One minute, we can be using it to produce boxes or to engrave a design into, and the next we will be making Perspex® acrylic canapé trays to complement the theme of an event. The range of colours available in Perspex® acrylic is brilliant too.

Tell us about a favourite project that you’ve been involved with using Perspex® acrylic?

We really enjoyed producing signage and display cabinets using Perspex® acrylic letters for Beardmore’s exhibition stand – Beardmore is a company which produces prestigious architectural ironmongery. This was a great project to work on as the client gave us creative license to produce a sign using their logo; trusting us to stay true to their brand and colour scheme. This was a technically challenging project with a variety of aspects incorporating LEDs and making sure all components were finished to a high standard to reflect the quality of their brand.

Pictured: signage created by Abplas with Perspex® acrylic for Beardmore

How do you see the future use of Perspex® acrylic evolving and what’s your thinking behind this?

Due to Perspex® acrylic’s inherent recyclability, we think it has a very bright future. Concerns over plastics are being highlighted more and more, not just in the media, but with our customers too. We know Lucite International is very proactive with regards to sustainability and we hope this will continue into the future.