Rising artistic talent Natasha Peel’s eye-catching work featuring Perspex® acrylic is being showcased in a major new exhibition starting at the world-famous Saatchi Gallery, in London, today. The New Order: British Art Today exhibition is displaying the works of 17 British talents at art collector Charles Saatchi’s Chelsea gallery until the end of September.

Last year Natasha, who is based close to Lucite International’s Darwen site in the UK, had her work featuring Perspex® acrylic short-listed for the prestigious New Sensations award as part of an annual competition organised by the Saatchi Gallery and Channel 4 TV as a means of recognising and rewarding emerging artists. Her work went on to be exhibited alongside other winning pieces at B1, Bloomsbury in London.

Perspex® acrylic sheet is well-established as a great material for use in commercial applications but its unique aesthetics and easy processability mean it is also a fantastic medium for contemporary product designers and artists to work with.

Natasha is one of the latest talents to be inspired by the creative potential of Perspex® acrylic and was drawn to use it largely due to its ability to change shape after heating. This allows her to create the fluid, organic forms that characterise her work.

Natasha’s sculptural pieces are all thermoformed from Perspex® cast acrylic sheet. She said: “I love to work with clear Perspex® as it has the appearance of glass but with greater creativity and flexibility. I also love using neutral colours that you see in everyday life but which in Perspex® can be transformed into different shapes and forms that you don’t often see.”

Her three award-winning artworks, entitled: Interests Always Come First, The World’s Local Nomad, and Citi Always Sleeps, featured neutral colours reminiscent of urban city landscapes, including matt grey, clear and black gloss in 3mm, 5mm, 8mm and 12mm thicknesses.

Being shortlisted and shown at the New Sensations exhibition was a great opportunity for Natasha and her Perspex® sculptures have been very well received. Her piece entitled ‘The World’s Local Nomad’ (top left) achieved the highest accolade after Charles Saatchi bought it for his own space.