Perspex® at Chelsea Flower Show

A leading UK garden designer chose Perspex® Frost colours to symbolise new life and growth for a sculpture that forms the centre piece of the Bradstone Panache garden at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show in London, UK.

The designer, Caroline E Butler, commented: “The colours of the sculpture move from purple, through deep pinks and red to orange and yellow as it winds its way around a young tree. These colours are joyful, life affirming and positive, reinforcing the atmosphere I hoped to create. I chose Perspex® Frost as its translucent quality captures the light beautifully.” The Perspex® acrylic leaves were made by UK fabricator, Zone Creations. And there is life for the sculpture after Chelsea. It has been donated to the London Wildlife Trust and will be installed at the Peckham Centre for Wild Life Gardening, which has been created from wasteland as part of a regeneration project in South East London.