This June, experience the 2014 Design Commission Triangular Series by Jamie Zigelbaum made from Perspex® Spectrum LED acrylic sheet at Design Miami/ Basel’s Event Hall.

Design Miami/ Basel is the global forum for design and each year the fair commissions a monumental work by an early-career architect or designer offering a platform for experimentation and engagement with an international audience.

Suspended from the ceiling of the entrance hall of the Herzog & De Meuron designed Basel Exhibition Centre, the forms that make up Jamie Zigelbaum’s Triangular Series resembles highly evolved stalactites, blurring the boundary between life and not-life. Pulsing with light and responding with a unique sensitivity to the people sharing the space with them, 59 large, suspended tetrahedrons of varying sizes will be scattered throughout the space to create an all-encompassing, immersive environment for visitors as they arrive and depart the fair.

Constructed from Perspex® cell cast acrylic sheet, the refined forms of Triangular Series are the outer shells of a highly sophisticated interactive system. The heart of each form is a synthesis of custom electronics, including high-power LEDs, advanced sensors and software that allows each form to communicate with both individuals in the space, as well as each other. As visitors approach each object, their respiration changes and the forms react. The tetrahedrons also communicate with each other, synchronizing rhythms of illumination.

Designer Jamie Zigelbaum selected Perspex® Spectrum LED in Opal to construct his interactive lighting installation. It is the ideal material for illuminated applications offering slim designs with bright, even illumination, optimised for white LEDs.

Visit Design Miami/ Basel, 17-22 June, and see Perspex® in a whole new light.