The Botanical Gardens in Zürich, Switzerland are famed for their tropical greenhouses mimicking three diverse climates: wet lowlands, hot and humid tropics, and dry and arid. They house many specialist plants, which would not otherwise be seen in the city, and have become an iconic feature within the gardens at the University of Zürich.


Perspex® CC Provides Performance Glazing

As part of a refurbishment program, local architect firm Haerle Hubacher designed a ventilated double-glazed construction to produce the correct levels of condensation with a high level of energy efficiency to ensure optimum conditions for the plants. This required a high performance glazing material for the greenhouse technology and Perspex® CC Clear acrylic in 6mm thickness was selected due to it meeting all the critical requirements of the glazing material: maximum light transmission plus excellent UV stability, durability, and weatherability.

Showcasing Precision Fabrication

The 400 blow-formed double-glazed units, fabricated by K-Tech GmbH, Salzburg, had to be easily thermoformable and capable of exceptional thickness tolerance to enable them to slot into the screwless frames. Some of the largest glazed panels needed Perspex® acrylic sheet sizes as large as 2915mm x 2760mm (115” x 109”), and had to be specially transported by authorised Perspex® distributor Julius Fritsche GmbH.
The refreshed Botanical Gardens are open all year round for visitors to appreciate the exotic plant life along with the iconic structures themselves, so if you make it to Zürich, do go and take a look!

At a glance

Architects: Haerle Hubacher Architects, Zürich, Switzerland

Client: The Botanical Gardens

Fabricator: K-Tech GmbH, Salzburg, Austria

Perspex® distributor: Julius Fritsche GmbH, Anthering, Austria

Product: Perspex® CC Clear