UK-based retail refrigeration expert, Eis-kalt, has chosen Perspex® 10mm cast acrylic for its revolutionary new energy saving doors. With energy costs rising and food retailers looking to improve the shopping environment for customers, Eis-kalt has developed an effective solution to reduce the cost of in-store refrigeration while enhancing the customer experience.

Eis-kalt’s doors are easy to install on to the front of in-store cabinets and reduce the energy required to keep chilled foods 
at the correct temperature. Meanwhile, customers are able to clearly see and access the food on offer. Perspex®
 was chosen, for being able to withstand the rigours of heavy, daily use, and for its clarity and easy to clean qualities.

Independent studies by a major supermarket chain were undertaken before and after the energy saving doors were fitted to assess the cost saving. The results showed up to 40% reduction in refrigeration running costs and positive customer and staff feedback. Retailers such as Spar, Co-Op and Premier have already opted to install the Perspex® energy saving doors.

Find out more on the new Perspex® website http://www.perspex.com