From cutting-edge publications to the cutting ‘edge’ of Inplas Fabrications’ precision machinery and expert craftsmanship, HarperCollins is settling in to its new home on the 16th floor of The Shard in central London surrounded by Perspex® acrylic. Having recently moved its headquarters to the new building, the world-famous English-language publisher required a fast turnaround for an inspiring design that would provide staff and visitors with quirky artwork. With a heritage spanning almost 200 years, there was also a demand for display cases to hold important historical documents from past publications.

Long-term approved fabricators Inplas turned to the Perspex® acrylic range to meet the varied brief. Laser cut Perspex® Fluorescent colours were intricately cut into a selection of eye catching quotations and graphics.

Clear Perspex® acrylic display cases were also made to allow a crystal clear view of their literature archive.  These were produced as both wall mounted display cases and front glazed cabinets including curved finishes.


Sarah McPhee, Head of Events Communications at HarperCollins, commented with huge enthusiasm about our partner, Inplas’ work. She said:

“From the very first time Warren answered the phone and assisted me regarding a very last minute fabrication job, I have felt incredibly fortunate that I have found such an honest, hardworking and remarkable company to work with on our new office design project.

No job was too big or small (literally) and the success of the company as a whole is certainly down to not only the capable leadership of hands-on boss Trevor, but also the dedication and ‘can-do’ attitude of all who work there.

We have ended up with some amazing pieces: luminescent laser cut designs and expertly crafted cases that hold some of our company’s most important and historical archival treasures.

We would highly recommend Inplas for any fabrication work – we have thoroughly enjoyed our working relationship with them, and hope that it may continue in the future.”