Perspex® in Blackpool Illuminations

A spectacular display of sculptural lights made from Perspex® are now showing at this year’s Blackpool Illuminations in the UK. Designed by Jo Berry, funded by Arts Council England and made by Inplas Fabrications, a leading approved Perspex® fabricator, the lights take the form of fluted pylons, which create an eye-catching corridor of colour for the 3.5 million people who visit annually.

The wonderful sculptural light works were inspired by a collection of drawings and photographs of the Blackpool Illuminations from the 1930s and use the latest lighting and material technologies to re-create classic designs with a modern twist. Five pylons have been fabricated, each containing five illuminated bulbs with 15 LED lights inside; the effect is a spectacularly vibrant lighting effect, which can be seen clearly from a distance.

The lights feature three distinct products from the Perspex® range, which were supplied by Perspex Distribution Ltd. First, Perspex® Spectrum LED in Opal is used to diffuse light from the LEDs, while the full range of 25 Perspex® Frost colours and Perspex® Fluorescents are layered over in disc form to create the finished effect. The fluorescent edge glows under ambient light as though having its own light source, which guarantees real impact, even in the middle of the day.

Managing Director of Inplas, Trevor Smith said: “We have been working on this exciting project for over a year and it is fantastic to see the spectacular artwork lit up. The vision and enthusiasm from Jo and the Illuminations team have enabled us to push the boundaries and utilise the full benefits of Perspex®. Using the properties of a new material, Perspex® Spectrum LED, we have been able to maximise the light transmission from the LEDs with a bright, intense colour while avoiding any LED hotspots. The overall effect is totally unique and we are all delighted with the collaboration.”