Frem Group, one of our UK-based customers, showcased one of their most recent innovations, the Dimension Lite Pod featuring Perspex® acrylic, at this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week in London.

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Frem Group is a leading UK-based manufacturer of innovative office, reception and meeting room furniture and storage solutions. Passionate about providing solutions and unbound by convention, the entrepreneurial spirit of this family-owned business is captured in the statement used to describe what they do: ‘We create spaces where life happens and people connect’. So, we were not surprised to learn that Frem had decided to showcase one of its most recent innovations, the Dimension Lite Pod featuring Perspex® acrylic, at London’s Clerkenwell Design Week.

Clerkenwell is the UK’s leading independent design festival and a true hub for the international design community to meet and share their ideas in the form of installations, new products, presentations, pilots and so much more.

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Frem was delighted with the response to its new Dimension Lite Pod at this year’s event. The pod is effectively an acoustically engineered room to use within a room to provide privacy and noise control while allowing users to feel connected to the outside environment. The clever use of Perspex® clear acrylic glazing, supplied by Perspex Distribution Limited, is perfect for maintaining this sense of connection and helps to create a flexible and functional workspace, which comes into its own particularly in open-plan schemes. The pods are available in a range of sizes and can be custom made to fit into any location.

Frem also used Clerkenwell to launch the Matrix 6 collection, the first interactive soft seating technology, which helps increase employee focus, and improve workplace productivity. A Frem representative said: “Giving employees a ‘home from home’ environment has been shown to increase focus, and in turn, productivity.” An interesting idea!