QUESTION: What do you get when 160 dedicated Lucite International Inc. (LI) employees and nearly 600 contractors come together for a month on our site in Beaumont, Texas?

ANSWER: A revitalized monomer plant and an overhaul for the record books; one that was on time, under budget, delivered safely and flexibly to accommodate the changing needs of the business throughout the month-long period of intensive work.


The Beaumont team is proud to share some of the most notable accomplishments:

– 578 contractors from 37 different companies completed 130,000 man-hours of work within just a 27-day actual maintenance period versus the planned window of 35 days.

– 7,000 man-hours of LI overtime to shut down, prepare plant for maintenance, conduct maintenance and interlock testing, provide safety oversight and permit-writing support, unlock, commission, and startup of facilities all completed within 35 days versus the original 42-day scheduled overhaul period.

– Zero recordable injuries or first aid incidents.

– 33 capital projects, totaling a $19m investment, executed simultaneously and coming in under budget by $0.5m. Not a single project exceeded its budget variance amount.

– Tremendous joint effort between site leadership, US Tech Center, Overhauls group, Purchasing and vendors allowed the team to get a capital sanction approved to procure, acquire, and install new final tower filters within the overhaul period (normally requiring at least a 3-month lead time).

– While working to replace the oil in all site transformers with safer, more eco-friendly oil the contractor determined one transformer to be at the end of its useful life. Again, collaboration across teams meant the transformer was changed and full electrical power restored in time for the plant start up.

– Three weeks before the overhaul a decision was made to replace a boiler with a unit that was already earmarked for installation in 2018. This required the Overhauls group to completely rework job plans, Engineering to determine material needs, and Purchasing to procure materials. However, the new boiler’s design differences made for quite an engineering challenge! The site Technical group, US Tech Center, and engineers from LI in the UK collaborated to assess each issue as it arose, conferenced to agree upon the appropriate solution and provided recommendations to the Overhaul group in an easy-to-execute format.


Chris Healy, Site Director, serving Eric Pompa, MMA Operator, during a special lunch to recognise employees.


Safety first

During the contractor orientation training, we included our SafeStart Behavior-Based Safety program of identifying the ‘States and Errors’ that could lead to an incident or injury. The ‘States’ of Rushing, Frustration, Fatigue and Complacency were discussed at every morning and evening ‘tool box’ meeting.

Also discussed were the critical errors, which, combined with these ‘States’ are the biggest factors that contribute to an injury or incident. The Safety Conscious Work Environment (SCWE) is always the highest priority and was emphasized daily throughout the overhaul.

The SafeTrack observations were key to assessing how each task was being performed to ensure the safety of all LI people and contractors.


Additional work

In addition to the overhaul and capital project activities, the Beaumont team took the opportunity to conduct additional 5S efforts. Consistent with our KAITEKI values the majority of the scrap generated in this work was recycled for re-use, avoiding unnecessary landfill and helping LI to continue protecting the environment.


Message of thanks

Beaumont Site Director, Chris Healy said: “The magnitude and success of this plant overhaul cannot be overstated. Much effort was undertaken in advance and as the dates and scope of work changed we needed to be flexible. We were extremely fortunate to be supported by many individuals outside, not the least the regional Overhauls group, which successfully coordinated the project while managing the work and costs. We also appreciate the invaluable support from our LI colleagues.

Finally, I want to recognize the Beaumont team, all of whom not only contributed to the success of the overhaul but were also committed to ensuring the safety of the many contractors and LI personnel we had on site throughout. Their efforts were a textbook example of how preparation, teamwork and flexibility can drive success in such a major overhaul project.

On behalf of the site leadership I want to thank everyone who supported Beaumont during this challenging yet successful period.”