At the beginning of April, Lucite International (LI) exhibited at PIAE 2019 – the world’s largest conference for Plastics in Automotive Engineering, held in Mannheim, Germany.

LI attended as part of our parent company, Mitsubishi Chemical’s exhibition, presenting our acrylic polymer (PMMA) technology alongside a range of solutions provided by other group companies. With over 120 exhibitors in attendance, it offered the ideal opportunity to network with every corner of the industry.

Garry Phillipson, EMEA Polymer Grade Developments Manager, provided his knowledge and expertise on our Diakon® and TufCoat® PMMA technologies and their excellent weatherability and scratch resistance, as well as Acrypet’s optical acrylic solutions.

Garry said:

“One theme of particular interest to visitors was the area of acrylic panels which are visually opaque – jet black – when not illuminated but allow light to pass through when the light source behind is activated. This can display anything, from car functions to safety messages.

“The concept also has potential exterior use in the future. The principle is the same but, this time, when illuminated, panels could display messages to anyone outside of the car. This could indicate speed or whether a driverless mode is engaged, or even inform pedestrians of activities such as reversing or parking.

“We tried to show new, innovative PMMA ideas to demonstrate how the material might be used in wider automotive applications, beyond the traditional applications of tail lights and B-pillar cladding.”

Pictured: Garry Phillipson, EMEA Polymer Grade Developments Manager, presenting our range of acrylic technologies.

LI enjoyed the opportunity to exhibit alongside fellow Mitsubishi Chemical group companies. Daniel Tyrkas, Director of Automotive Solutions at Mitsubishi Chemical Europe, commented:

“This year, we had a significantly larger booth representing six group companies under the Mitsubishi Chemical umbrella. It was great to see the One MCC team spirit and our customers were impressed to see the automotive solutions Mitsubishi Chemical can offer.

“We had many in-depth discussions and received a lot of compliments for our booth and offerings. Multiple follow-up visits have been requested and are currently being scheduled.”