Last month, Lucite International (LI) joined parent company, Mitsubishi Chemical at Rapid + TCT in Detroit, USA – North America’s most influential 3D manufacturing event.

With over 400 exhibitors in attendance, it was the ideal location to introduce the industry to 3Diakon™ – a joint development between LI and Mitsubishi Chemical Performance Polymers (MCPP) to identify a PMMA type suitable for existing 3D printing platforms currently using filament technology.

Andy Rudd, part of LI’s New Business Development team, was in attendance to answer any questions from potential customers about the product on behalf of LI’s polymer team and to assist MCPP in marketing the material.

Andy said:

“3D printing is a growing area for methacrylates and one which all of our business units are keenly interested in. The Rapid + TCT show was the ideal launch platform for the material as it is the highest-attended exhibition of its type within the region and aligns well with MCPP’s continuing launch of new filament material into the USA market.

“The discussions we had with other attendees generally fell into two categories – properties/processing or markets. As the use of PMMA-based 3D printing filament is relatively new, customers were interested in the properties they could achieve by using it.

“Additionally, the processability of the material was also of great interest.  How the material handles while printing and changes to properties whilst the product cools were key themes.  Application areas for the finished parts were also intriguing to customers.”

The event was also a great opportunity for LI to share the space with fellow Mitsubishi Chemical group companies. Becky Morrison, Director of Marketing Communications at Mitsubishi Chemical America commented:

“As part of our goal to leverage resources across our divisions and companies to bring more comprehensive solutions to our customers, Rapid + TCT 2019 marks the first additive manufacturing exhibition in the US highlighting multiple Mitsubishi Chemical solutions.

“The presence of LI and MCPP’s 3Diakon™ material was a great example for customers of how we can adapt our well-known materials for the additive space, providing unique solutions never before available.”