A Lucite International (LI) apprentice has been named among the UK’s best process technology students at the prestigious Salters’ Institute Annual Awards Ceremony in London.

Quinn Hoban, aged 21, studied at The TTE Technical Training Group in North East England before embarking on a Science Manufacturing Technician apprenticeship at LI’s Cassel, UK site.

Pictured L-R: Philip Ellaway, City & Guilds Director; Quinn Hoban, Lucite International; Dr Emma Sceats, CEO of Isogenica and Award presenter; The Hon Philip Remnant CBE, Master of The Salters’ Company

Chris Weldon, Quinn’s tutor at TTE, nominated him for the Salters’ City and Guilds Process Technology Award, saying: “Quinn was the first of his group to complete all of the modules required for his qualification, passing all of the examinations with high marks and with excellent levels of detail and understanding displayed in his work. He also used his knowledge and understanding to help others in the class to better understand the work and improve their chances of success.”

Quinn was one of three TTE students to receive the certificate and a £300 prize at the ceremony.

Faith Hambley, LI’s Learning & Development Officer, said: “Quinn impressed us with his drive and commitment shown during his studies at TTE and he continues to show the same high levels of effort and excellent work behaviours in his current role at LI. This award is thoroughly deserved.”

Jamie Armitage, Operating Manager at LI’s Cassel site, said: “This is an outstanding achievement for Quinn, TTE and the North East region. LI has worked with TTE over many years to support the development of high-level skills in the chemicals sector. This national recognition from the Salters’ Institute is really important and recognises the ongoing work in this region to involve young people in STEM careers and provide the technicians, engineers and managers of the future.”

Pictured L-R: Jamie Hunter, TTE Trainer; Liam Walpole, TTE Apprentice; Faith Hambley, LI’s Learning and Development Officer; Joshua Ward, TTE Apprentice; Quinn Hoban, Lucite International; Chris Welton, TTE Trainer

The Salters’ Institute plays a major role in the support of chemistry teaching, the encouragement of young people to pursue careers in the UK chemical industries, and the promotion of chemical education.

Dr Emma Sceats, CEO of Isogenica and a former Salters’ Chemistry Graduate Award winner, addressed the ceremony to congratulate the winners, saying: “talented, highly-motivated Award winners are in high-demand and the 2018 Award winners have a wonderful opportunity waiting for them in a career in science”.