Lucite International’s (LI) Rozenburg site in the Netherlands recently opened its doors to the public as part of a National Day of Chemistry event. Linda Mindertsma, Management Assistant and HR Officer at Rozenburg, helped organise LI’s involvement and told us about the day:

“The Association of the Dutch Chemical Industry celebrated its 100th anniversary this year, and it was decided that the ‘Dag van de Chemie’, or National Day of Chemistry, would be rescheduled to tie in with this. So, earlier this October, all companies within Harbour 5210 (an industrial complex LI shares with other chemical companies) opened their doors to family, friends, colleagues, local residents and many other enthusiasts.

Pictured: LI’s Rozenburg site overlooking the day’s events below

“The parking area was converted to a ‘friend’s square’ where all companies based in Harbour 5210 were invited to present their company and their products to the visitors. As well as tents showing the applications of what we produce, visitors could simulate the experience of being a plant operator, have a look inside a tanker and even try out a speed simulator (some people got a simulation of what happens when a car flips over).

“In the children’s lab, the children could create their own bouncing balls and foam cups from scratch. Food trucks provided refreshments and people were even musically entertained by a Beatles look-alike quartet!

“For visitors who had pre-booked a site tour, LI quite literally opened its doors. This was a unique opportunity to see what happens inside as they walked through our factory and saw our processes in action.

“Each thirty-minute tour could accommodate twenty people, with 107 people taking the tour in total. Three of our tour guides told us about their experience on the day…”

Foppe Heineman, Sales Professional:

“A very well organised and successful day. The plant tour was a huge success, visitors were truly interested and especially appreciated that we were the only plant they could actually walk through! Personally, it was really nice to be able to show our plant and explain about our products, how they’re made and what they’re used for, together with some of our enthusiastic colleagues!”

Annemiek Kreemer, Quality Assistant:

“Fortunately, we had plenty of volunteers so I was able to take my “own” visitors on tour as my family came to visit. We were able to explain the process in the laboratory and ‘Extruder 3’ area and then take them through the (noisier) plant. Everyone was very interested. It was personally extra special for me being able to take my parents on tour! My father, almost 80 years old, really enjoyed the tour and my mother was very impressed too!” 

Daniel Oudeman, Process Engineer:

“I’m proud of the fact that, even with a small team, we are able to run a complex chemical plant and at the same time ensure it is ready for the future. This day offered visitors the opportunity to experience chemistry at close range. The fact that ours was the only plant people could actually see in action was a unique opportunity!” 

The day in numbers:

  • 3 power generators
  • 14 tents
  • 46 volunteers
  • 230 metres of fencing
  • 390 metres of power cables
  • 393 pancakes
  • 508 slices of pizza
  • 555 portions of fries
  • 735 visitors
  • …and 1000% enthusiasm!


Linda summarised:

“Sunshine, happy faces, children’s art, simulators, tours, enthusiastic and very committed volunteers and truly interested visitors made this day unforgettable. Almost 800 people saw our chemistry, discovered what we do and got a great experience of our plant.

“A very big thanks to all of our volunteers: Olga Bosman, Michel Dingemans, Jaap van der Does, Foppe Heineman, Alice Hensen, Annemiek Kreemer, Sam Noble, Daniel Oudeman, Djurre Tacoma and Jan Uitenbroek”.