When talented designer Sacha was hired by Grace to design her basement family living space, they struggled to find accent tables to suit her personal taste. Through their search, not only did they discover a strong creative connection in integrating unexpected materials and silhouettes to create custom furniture pieces, it sparked the idea of what would eventually become sachaGRACE, their very own Lucite® acrylic furniture company.

Now firmly established, we get a strong sense that exhilaration and a shared creative spirit is huge part of what is driving the company’s success.

sacha(R) and Grace (L)

Grace Neal (left) and Sacha Nizami (right) together make sachaGRACE


Tell us a little about yourselves?

S: My interior design business, Sacha Nizami Design, has been going strong for over a decade and I continue to love my work. Embarking on a second business with a business partner, Grace, is more than an evolution; it is that ‘something missing’ from my daily business as an interior designer. sachaGRACE allows me to fully express my creativity without limitations or boundaries.

G: It’s been my dream to develop and grow a business with a creatively ‘simpatico’ partner. My corporate career allowed me to experience diverse industries, but this is very personal. sachaGRACE allows me to express my sense of style in home furnishings and jewelry and follow my constant quest for ‘the next new inspiration’.


Why Toronto?

sG: It’s where we both live and being part of an urban center, we love the rhythm of the city and the multi-cultural influences surrounding us.


Tell us briefly how your individual roles combine and work so well?

S: As an interior designer, I’m always driven to ensure that pieces are both beautiful and functional.

G: I’m naturally drawn to the operations side of the business. The bonus is getting to be ‘business-oriented with a creative twist!

sG: We work very collaboratively whether designing or running our company. We love to brainstorm, come up with out-of-the-box ideas and bring them to life.


What inspires your collections?

sG: Our inaugural collections, Room (furniture and decor accessories) and Wear (jewelry), are inspired by our fascination with the stars and other celestial bodies. Our Galaxy accent tables feature embedded silver or gold flakes floating in Lucite®, reminiscent to us of the night sky. They highlight the technique and artistry of suspended animation inherent in every sachaGRACE design. Our creative journey continues as we explore our own version of ‘modern organic’ style.


An intricate arrangement of plated metallic flowers is placed precisely within the Lucite® acrylic mold.

An intricate arrangement of plated metallic flowers is placed precisely within the Lucite® acrylic mold.


How did you learn about Lucite®?

sG: Sacha grew up going to Miami, Florida and has shared her love of Miami’s Art Deco style with Grace on inspirational trips to the city. We began using Lucite® to create furniture with a chameleon-like quality to suit transitional, modern, as well as traditional spaces. After an extensive search we found a manufacturer who works with Lucite® acrylic resin rather than sheets. Pouring Lucite® allows us to bring our artistic perspective and personal touch into every piece, from sourcing the material we choose to embed, to creating our embedment patterns, and then securing the materials in the Lucite®.


What is the best thing about working with Lucite® acrylic?

sG: The clarity and luster of polished Lucite® is unrivalled by other acrylics or other materials on the market. The resulting light quality allows objects suspended within to appear ghostly, floating, ethereal. We love that Lucite® appears to be weightless yet is very substantial, giving it a luxurious quality.

Working with Lucite® acrylic resin and embedded objects is a very hands-on craft, which is expressed through our hand- embedding and the skilled people who work with us to hand-finish each piece.


Specimens are carefully prepared by hand for all sachaGRACE products.

Specimens are carefully prepared by hand for all sachaGRACE products.


Tell us about your customers?

sG: Our customers are all ages and from everywhere! We’ve noticed a trend towards international clients. The unifying characteristic is that they are people who view their homes and furnishings as expressions of themselves and their lifestyles. They are discerning trendsetters, not followers, with a desire to surround themselves with artistic, luxurious design.


Do you have a ‘best seller’?

sG: Yes, it’s currently our Galaxy Console Table. At first glance it shines and shimmers like a starry night but when viewed up close and from different angles, it appears like a topographic map with undulating hills and valleys of metal flake. It’s part of a collection of different sized tables suitable for a variety of installations.


Why do you think sachaGRACE pieces are such a success?

sG: At first glance, clients are often puzzled by the element of suspension in our work. Our embedments, whether metal flowers or azurite specimens, appear to defy gravity. It is this complex use of materials that results in simple yet totally luxurious products. Our personal mantra is that we strive to create furniture and accessories that have a purpose in the home while doubling as sculptures.


What does the future hold for sachaGRACE?

sG: We feel we are just entering the luxury furnishings market. Recently we showed at the Interior Design Show (Toronto) and at the Architectural Design Show in NYC in March 2017. We’re very excited to be launching a new product this spring called Halo, a gold chandelier featuring Lucite® accents. We get such creative inspiration when we travel so we’ll be planning our next trip after we arm-wrestle to decide the destination…