SafeTrack is a springboard for reinforcing the SafeStart program introduced by Lucite International Inc. (LI) in the Americas region in 2015. Regional Training and Development Supervisor, Kevin McDougall explains how SafeTrack teaches employees and facilitators to record and track observations made during the manufacturing processes then analyze data to develop strategies that will improve safety across the region.



“The initial phase began with a ‘Train the Trainer’ workshop held at our Fite Road plant where the team was educated about how to properly observe others from a safety standpoint. The second phase consisted of information sessions where trainers engaged fellow employees in the observation process. These meetings are designed to help develop the team by explaining why their observations should be conducted and the benefits, safety aspects and positive outcomes that result from implementing the training. Safety awareness grows as routine tasks are observed, recorded and shared daily, and feedback is provided peer to peer. The SafeTrack program is yet another reliable tool to help improve our already strong safety culture.




“SafeTrack is successful through reinforcing good behaviors while also correcting poor habits. The effective tracking methods and commitment displayed by the team participating in the program foster a safe working environment at LI. SafeTrack’s success is driven by encouraging employees to be mindful of their own safety, as well as being conscious of their ability to impact the safety of others. We do all of this with a passion for safety, health and the environment so that every one of us goes home fit and well at the end of the day.”