Claire Brown at TechConnect's entrance

As the renowned American industrialist and innovator Henry Ford once stated: “If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got.” His words are a perfect illustration of the vital need for businesses to be inquisitive and always ready to experiment with their offer. Today, it’s simply not enough just to identify trends; customers want to see these observations translated into actionable ideas that can deliver potential for their own operations. Claire Brown, who recently joined our global Lucite International team as a New Business Development Manager for the Americas, just returned from TechConnect World Innovation Conference & Expo in Washington DC. We asked Claire to share her insights and how she will be using these in the course of her work.

LI: Why TechConnect World?

CB: It is critical for all companies to keep current on drivers and trends in their industry. Taking that one step further it is also important for them to analyse industry foresight and stay in tune with next generation technology trends. TechConnect World offers a valuable forum to connect with innovators, corporate peers, and technology transfer offices to understand future market challenges, the unmet needs of customers, and recent discoveries, research, or inventions that may support a solution.

LI: What insights did you gain and how will you apply this to your role?

CB: Our future market challenges follow four main mega trends: (i) Urbanisation (ii) Energy (iii) Transportation (iv) Health and nutrition

Urbanisation will see a population shift from rural to urban areas. Resulting construction will become smarter and more sustainable with a higher demand for improved user experiences. Future products should enable heat management, create better energy efficiency, provide tunable acoustics and privacy on demand, and manipulate light to provide maximum benefit for the user. Complementary features will be integrated to create seamless product solutions that enhance the user experience.

Demand for better energy efficiency across all modes of transportation will require lighter materials with increased strength and improved performance. Mobility will become safer with the advent of autonomous vehicles.

Advancements in healthcare will see a shift from wearable devices to implantable devices that are small and smart. Future products should enable device compatibility with the human body and have a better form factor. Surfaces will also become increasingly functional, enabling increasingly sophisticated applications.

These are just some of the areas where Lucite International’s methyl methacrylates could help shape a more innovative and sustainable future. TechConnect World 2015 offered a valuable opportunity to stay in tune with existing and upcoming trends as well as provide a forum for sharing of ideas on potential applications for our Company’s acrylic portfolio.

As a follow up, I’ll be working with my colleagues in the global new business development team to help convert concepts into ideas and ideas into next generation products.

If you would like to follow up with Claire, contact her at or via LinkedIn.