The Perspex® acrylic team is currently exhibiting its latest range for lighting at the world’s leading trade fair for lighting, Light+Building 2018 in Messe Frankfurt in Germany. The brand new range of Perspex® Light acrylic, including Perspex® Edge and Perspex® Diffuse branded products have a multitude of applications, from commercial and retail use, to ambient decorative lighting or illuminated advertising and displays.

The Perspex® brand team will be explaining the technology and discussing the bespoke manufacturing capabilities and sampling opportunities available to customers at the trade fair, which is held 18th-23rd March 2018.

The lighting industry has evolved at breakneck speed over the past decade with LEDs in particular emerging as the dominant light source. As LED technologies have improved, the materials used to diffuse these direct light sources have had to evolve too. This prompted the Perspex® brand team to develop a collection of innovative acrylic products that enhance the performance of LED lighting used to illuminate rooms or defined spaces in commercial, industrial and even domestic environments. Applying the Company’s expert knowledge of acrylic to the field of lighting design means the new Perspex® Light solutions surpass all existing products on the market.

Beccy Jepson, Perspex® Light Product Manager, explained: “The Perspex® brand has built a strong reputation for quality and performance in the lighting industry over the decades. This has resulted predominantly from our association with illuminated advertising and corporate identity signage where clarity of message and reflecting consistent brand identity has always been paramount. While previously we developed products for use with more traditional light sources, our most recent development work has taken us into the exciting world of light-guide panels and diffusers for optimizing the use of the latest generation LEDs in luminaires. These acrylic panels are an essential part of LED lighting design as they help to achieve or maintain the desired light transmission, distribution and color temperature in any light unit specification.”

Perspex® Edge

Perspex® Edge is a particulate filled light guide panel technology specially developed and optimised for use with LEDs in edge lighting. This product has excellent color rendition with superior long path light transmission (91%); capable of enhancing any ceiling panel and allows for even slimmer designs to suit any interior need. Find out more here.

Perspex® Diffuse

Perspex® Diffuse uses a new generation technology suitable for use as a diffuser in both back lit and edge lit light panels. The grade is uniquely positioned to maximise light output and performance; offering superior brightness and even light distribution. Find out more here.

Perspex® Reflect

Perspex® Reflect has been specifically developed to be used as the rear surface of luminaires where acrylic is the material of choice. A reflective sheet that can be used in edge lit or back lit lighting panels and designed to reflect light back through the front of the panel, enhancing light output in advertising posters, ceiling panels and signage. Find out more here.

With over 80 years of manufacturing experience to call on, lighting engineers can be sure of finding a Perspex® Light solution for their project. In-house product development and flexible manufacturing capabilities means that bespoke items can be produced, while technical specialists are on hand to assist with specific requests. To find out more about the Perspex® Light range and how you can use it in your next project click here.