Living and breathing our core value of working together as a team helps us to shape a closer, more connected business at Lucite International (LI). Through collaborated efforts and caring for each other, LI employees are able to gain knowledge, share ideas and participate in an open and honest forum of discussion. This endeavor doesn’t only apply to an office setting – our Fite Road plant in Tennessee, USA found ways to bring employees together but in a more relaxed setting in order to exemplify this closer and more open business.

The site accomplished this by holding an Appreciation Cookout where management served meals to their teams. Dennis Foeller, Plant Superintendent at Fite Road, has been working over the past year to find ways to make sure employees really understand their value at LI, something that has shown through in plant performance recently. He said, “The cookout was an opportunity for us to recognize the employees’ hard work and dedication with a more personal touch.”

Fite Road Site Director, Paul Mills, has been pleased with the new sense of culture being shaped at the plant. “The event provided a platform for the entire site to come together, for folks to get to know each other and to enjoy themselves,” he said. “The inherent strength of this site comes from the employees working together with a common purpose. This event was another step toward improving the site working environment and bringing us closer together.”


The cookout encouraged employees to interact with each other outside of their normal work activities and helped to remind people that hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Building the relationship between management and their teams is a critical component for successful operations at LI; plus, free food is never a bad thing!

Our employees’ daily dedication to their work is what allows LI to make products that brighten lives and futures across the globe. To show appreciation for the employees that serve the company each day, Fite Road managers decided it was time to serve their teams.