At Lucite International (LI), we understand how important it is for our team to be able to collaborate and communicate effectively. This is why our site in Singapore (LISPL) has organised a team-building event titled ‘Shaping our future together’ to build on the individual potential of the LISPL team and enable us to work better together to deliver our promises as a Company.

The event was held at the Focus Adventure Learning Facility in Sentosa, Singapore and is part of a long-term initiative to enhance the ways in which we work. The main focus of the day was to spend time bonding, away from an office environment and to reconnect with colleagues in a more personable and fun way.

The day consisted of experiential sessions where the LISPL team participated in various challenges. These challenges required us to reflect upon our experiences and use effective communication and collaboration techniques which we could then incorporate in the workplace. One challenge was a construction maze, where the teams had to construct a three-dimensional structure with no knowledge of the building process. Upon completion, a member of the team had to be transferred from one side of the structure to the other without making contact with it. Participants had to find creative ways of communicating with each other in order to complete the structure and the task.

The LISPL team were involved both physically and mentally throughout the challenges.  The openness in sharing thoughts and feelings allowed us to develop a better understanding of how to best communicate with each other. The  team were also able to see the direct impact of how ineffective communication can negatively impact a process.

One take away from the event was to ‘listen with curiosity, speak with honesty and clarify to understand’. Some of the feedback from participants were:

“I’ve learnt about the importance of effective communication and the consequences of incomplete communication.”

“ Having the opportunity to mix with a diverse range of people across the workforce allowed us to put our communication techniques into practice and build rapport”. 

“Consider the other party’s perspective…. What I see and what other see could be as different as opposite sides of a coin.”

“Clarify with the person who is sending the message if unsure or uncertain.”

We believe that the future of LISPL is shaped by each individual employee, from moment to moment, a small step at a time. People are our most important assets and the values, motivations and skill sets that we have is critical to our success.