Our team in Singapore prides itself on corporate social responsibility, being an active member of local communities around the site and offering a helping hand wherever it can.

Last month, another successful event was held which saw the team gather at the local Kebun Baru Community Centre for ‘Jalan With Your Buddy’.

This needs-based initiative, led by the People’s Association of Singapore, is carried out to allow its beneficiaries to shop with dignity for household items that they do not have the financial means to otherwise purchase.

As well as contributing to the well-being of those less fortunate, our team enjoyed being able to strike up friendships with the program’s beneficiaries to help them find strength and support during difficult times.

This journey began with a ‘chit-chat’ tea session, followed by a supermarket visited where our team assisted the beneficiaries with their shopping and helped to carry the items back to their homes.

Yu Xiao, Maintenance Manager, said:

“It has been a fruitful experience for our volunteers as the appreciation from the beneficiaries was heartfelt, with their smiling faces, happiness and gratitude.”

With further community events in the pipeline, we look forward to seeing how our Singapore site will continue its fantastic efforts.