Lucite International’s (LI) Strategic Projects Group is responsible for defining and managing the company’s largest multi-million dollar projects around the globe.  The LI Strategic Projects and Technology organisation based at Wilton Centre in Teesside, UK, is comprised primarily of project managers and engineers, process engineers and scientists.

Chartered Engineer Angus Sanderson is one of the group’s three Senior Project Managers and joined the company in September 2011 from SABIC UK Petrochemicals, where he was a Project Manager. He was attracted to the position not only because it offered a broader and more senior role, but also because of the opportunity to work with colleagues and contractors from around the globe.

Angus is responsible for strategic projects in China and Singapore and provides project management support to LI’s US projects. His role involves project managing the front-end engineering and definition phases of large projects, assessing and selecting project execution strategies and overseeing full implementation programmes.

He is currently at the forefront of two high-profile projects in Asia – the expansion of LI’s Shanghai plant and an energy improvement project on the company’s Alpha 1 plant in Singapore.

Angus explains more about his exciting work life: “I have travelled to Shanghai and Beijing a number of times to lead the contract negotiations with the EPC [Engineering, Procurement, Construction] contractor and I will maintain an oversight and auditing role, which will mean more visits. I’ve also been involved heavily in the Alpha 1 project, requiring trips to Singapore for project meetings with the local LI team and to assess and select the EPC contractor for the job.

“However, last year I spent the majority of my time abroad at our US sites, Beaumont in Texas and Memphis in Tennessee, providing project management guidance and support to our US organisation. I took part in a Manufacturing Excellence audit, which required visiting three countries – Taiwan, China and Japan – in just five days. I also flew to Japan on two other occasions to present to LI’s owners MRC, and to lead an audit on another strategic project that is being managed by an MRC team there.

“Being a Senior Project Manager for LI not only offers me the variety and new experiences that come with a typical project role, but the opportunity for international travel brings an extra dimension to the job, which I find very enjoyable. Interacting successfully with people from another culture, and overcoming the challenges this can often present, is very interesting and rewarding. It gives me a real sense of job, and personal, satisfaction.”

There are currently a number of opportunities available within LI’s Strategic Projects Group including 3 Senior Process Engineers and 1 Mechanical Engineer. The closing date for applications is 23rd August 2013 and more information including the applications can be found at