Ian Lambert CEO Lucite International (LI) sees subtle signs of market optimism in his first article for the LI blog: “It’s the start of 2013 and the dark nights of northern winter are receding, days are lengthening and (with a bit of luck) warmer days are approaching.

Markets are also showing renewed activity with the start of 2013 and the conclusion of Lunar new year holidays. There are subtle signs of optimism – restrained and cautious – but generally good in most, perhaps not all, markets despite the uncertainties created by continued Euro concerns and fiscal brinkmanship in Washington.

Renewal is also very relevant for Lucite International (LI) with final preparations starting for the increased capacity at our facilities in Beaumont, Texas. This follows close on the heels of the successful start-up of new monomer capacity in Korea by our sister company MRC Daesan. Both these investments provide much needed additional product and, once again, underpin our commitment for consistent supply to our customers.

Not only is it a time to look forward but also a time to reflect. Ten years ago last month (2003) LI lost Scott Davidson, the CEO of the business at the time ICI and DuPont merged their acrylics businesses (1993) and the leader who set LI off on the path of Asian expansion and our new Alpha technology. As a business we have remained on the strategic course that we set over a decade ago. The successful combination of LI with MRC has only strengthened our prospects and I believe that Scott would have been proud of the way we have developed and grown over the last 10 years.

This year will have its share of new projects, new applications and new people joining and no doubt some new unexpected challenges to overcome but we have the experience and the track record necessary to continue our journey, while maintaining the vision, values and focus that have guided us this far.”