For the third year running, Lucite International (LI) has collaborated with ESH Added Value on their Building My Skills program to offer expert advice on employability skills to students.

Guiding young people

This year, employees from both our Cassel and Wilton sites in the North East of England worked together to create engaging sessions aimed at helping students across the region discover more about their potential career pathways.

ESH Group addresses the widening skills crisis in the UK by working with businesses like LI who can provide students with a well-rounded introduction to the world of work and help them to develop transferable skills. Through working with ESH, LI aims to better equip young people with the skills they require to enter employment while also inspiring them to begin thinking about their future careers. The Company is also keen to play a part in significantly reducing the percentage of school leavers who lack essential job skills for the workplace, which is currently high at 75%.

Looking at career pathways

The primary focus of our sessions at local secondary schools was to discuss the various pathways open to young people as they consider their future career. How can they get to where we want to be? By sharing a timeline of some of our employees’ varying journeys, students were able to see that there was not just one rigid road to employment.

The diverse opportunities that LI offers, from Chemical Engineering to Commercial roles provoked students to think about the potential careers that they may be interested in.

After the sessions, students were tasked with building upon their knowledge by creating an employability portfolio to capture and communicate their valuable skills.

Success with ESH

During the 2017/18 academic year the Building My Skills program will engage over 11,000 15-18 year old students in 80 secondary schools across the North of England and Scotland. By working collaboratively with over 130 businesses from 20 different sectors, this will generate around 60,000 hours of hands-on engagement in the world of work.

For more information on the different career opportunities that LI offers from work experience, apprenticeships, sponsored training, graduate opportunities and more, visit