The modern Buddhist resort of Nianhua Bay is a popular getaway for those looking to experience a slower pace of life on the shores of China’s third-largest lake, Taihu.

For our team in China, it was also the scene of their recent annual teambuilding program, designed to develop teamwork skills, communication and a sense of cohesion.

We asked Ellen Wang, Executive Assistant to the General Manager, to tell us more about their time there.

What kind of activities took place?

“Warm-up exercises are an integral part of our teambuilding events. To prepare for the group competition games, we all followed the lead of the coach and warmed up by stretching our arms and legs.

“Having been divided into four teams, the first competition activity was synchronised bodyweight exercises. The teams were judged for the conformity and unison of the moves they’d been set. They each had to discuss how to memorise each move and present it in formation and, thanks to the efforts of all members, each team gave an impressive performance. It’s hard to tell which one was best!

“Next up was the baseball game and yoga stick relay race. We took turns at batting – some missed the ball completely, some sent it high in the air and some hit the target with just one hit! To win the relay race, the teams had to race to the finish with the yoga sticks carried above their heads.”

Pictured: the relay teams getting ready to begin.

“The third activity was creative ideas – namely, posing in formation for aerial photos. We used various objects to help create patterns, including a clock and ‘LICC’ (an abbreviation of our company name).”

Pictured: the ‘yellow group’ organised themselves into a clock formation.

“Finally, at a part of Nianhua Bay known for its beautiful scenery and blossoming flowers, everyone got together hand-in-hand to sing a song titled ‘A Loving Family’.”

Pictured: an attractive setting indeed! The team in song.

So, what did people think?

Max Zhang, Market Development Specialist, says, “I enjoyed the experience, as it involved some great displays of youthful vigour.”

Violet Shen, SHEQ Manager, adds, “For the veterans in our team, the company is just like their home. Activities like these are of significant importance for them.”

Summing up, Ellen says:

“We will always look to hold events like these in the future. It offers employees the opportunity for personal development, promotes interaction among team members, increases mutual trust and enhance team cohesion. As a result, a stronger and more capable team is built.”