Blackpool Illuminations features acrylic with LEDs

Blackpool Illuminations features LEDs with acrylic

Recently, Lucite International (LI) organised its 5th Acrylic Design Competition, an annual event, which encourages young designers to use acrylic in their designs. This year, Philips Lumileds sponsored a new award – LUXEON LED – to encourage students to combine LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) with acrylic in their entries. From the winning works and short listed pieces, it is clear that using LED light with acrylic is a trend that will continue to grow.

Currently, LEDs are being used in a large range of applications such as backlit mobile devices, TVs, the automotive industry, signage, office and street lighting. Many international brands are now offering LED based products from traditional global lighting companies such as Philips, Osram and GE to consumer electronics companies such as Samsung, Panasonic and LG. Verbatim, part of the Mitsubishi Chemicals Group, has established a significant presence in the retrofit LED market and is looking to expand into other LED lighting areas.

Acrylic’s exceptional light transmission and excellent weathering make it the material of choice for lighting designers. Using LEDs with acrylics creates innovative lighting solutions and with recent rapid LED technology improvements, costs are being driven down and efficiencies up, meaning the LED lighting market is poised at the tipping point for widespread adoption.

Inplas Fabricators, a leading approved Perspex® fabricator has previously combined LEDs with acrylic. In 2012, it was commissioned by Arts Council England to provide five pylons each containing five illuminated bulbs with 15 LED lights inside at the Blackpool Illuminations. The lights featured three distinct products from the Perspex® range. The effect was a spectacular vibrant lighting effect, which could be seen clearly from a distance and the lights also lasted through harsh weather conditions.

Caroline Prior, Global Business Development Director at LI explains about the growing trend of the LED market,

“Acrylic already has an established place in many lighting applications within different industries and is rapidly growing with the adoption of energy efficient LED lighting. Furthermore, I expect acrylic to establish a substantial presence in many more LED related emerging markets where acrylic’s core properties bring substantial benefits to the performance, quality and value for money of the final products.”

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