We’re delighted to reveal the 2019 Acrylic Design Awards finalists!

After our roadshow tour of Turkish universities encouraging design students across the country to explore acrylic’s huge design potential, our panel of expert judges – renowned Turkish architects and designers – have narrowed down over 100 entries to just 24.

The entries followed a brief of:

‘We invite students to use acrylic in the design of a product or experience that has the potential to change or ‘shape’ a more sustainable future.’


From this, first, second and third place will later be decided and revealed, but which designs will be chosen? Take a look at the finalists below and tell us what you think by leaving a comment with your favourite (or favourites!)

Will your winners match what the judges choose?

Design 1 – Acrylic staircase surrounding an upward-spiralling acrylic aquarium.


Design 2 – Durable acrylic shelter for cats living outdoors, collecting rainwater to keep them hydrated.


Design 3 – Acrylic display unit for museums/art galleries. Easily integrates LEDs to illuminate its contents.


Design 4 – Customisable acrylic seating/storage solution.


Design 5 – Acrylic bus stop with secure cycle storage, solar powered.


Design 6 – Acrylic pet bed.


Design 7 – Acrylic glasses for children, scalable in size to accomodate children’s growth.


Design 8 – Modular garden wall to allow for plant life in areas lacking green space. Can be extended/customised vertically and horizontally. Purple acrylic selected due to purple light being the most helpful for photosynthesis.


Design 9 – Acrylic solution to improving aging public spaces. Iridescent coating means the acrylic changes colour depending on viewing angle.


Design 10 – Acrylic urban furniture, customisable in both colour and length.


Design 11 – Contemporary acrylic sink.


Design 12 – “Smart Pot” uses a moisture-sensitive coating within the acrylic pot to be opaque unless the plant is adequately watered.


Design 13 – Acrylic drinks holder with separate sections for glasses, bottles and ice.


Design 14 – “Live Wall” has acrylic components which spin in sequence and reflect sunlight.


Design 15 – Colourful modular children’s storage solution.


Design 16 – “Atlantis” jellyfish-inspired acrylic lighting. Collects solar energy during the day to illuminate at night.


Design 17 – Using acrylic to show how historical structures would have looked in their prime whilst protecting them from further decay.


Design 18 – Acrylic trellis attachment for houses. Provides birds and plants with a home and filters water from the roof to provide clean drinking for animals at ground-level.


Design 19 – A modern adaptation of the Christmas tree to act as a hub of activity in towns and cities.


Design 20 – This modern sink uses acrylic to illuminate when optimal hand-washing time has been reached, encouraging people to save water.


Design 21 – Spinning, colour changing acrylic light.


Design 22 – A modern acrylic cot for infants.


Design 23 – Acrylic bathroom towel heater with storage options.


Design 24 – Acrylic bench incorporating plant life.