We’re delighted to reveal the 2019 Acrylic Design Awards finalists!

After our roadshow tour of Turkish universities encouraging design students across the country to explore acrylic’s huge design potential, our panel of expert judges – renowned Turkish architects and designers – have narrowed down over 100 entries to just 24.

The entries followed a brief of:

‘We invite students to use acrylic in the design of a product or experience that has the potential to change or ‘shape’ a more sustainable future.’


From this, first, second and third place will later be decided and revealed, but which designs will be chosen? Take a look at the finalists below and tell us what you think by leaving a comment with your favourite (or favourites!)

Will your winners match what the judges choose?

Design 1

This spiral staircase design features an integrated aquarium in the form of a central double helix created from giant transparent acrylic tubes, to create a spectacularly futuristic centrepiece that takes full advantage of acrylic’s unique properties.


Design 2

This concept makes full use of the colour, transparency, durability and protective qualities of acrylic in the form of an attractive street sculpture designed to provide a shelter for stray cats, complete with its own integrated drinking water collection system.


Design 3

This attractive modular display system makes full use of the formability, transparency and durability of acrylic to create a system that minimises production impacts whilst optimising the visibility of items displayed.

Design 4

This interior storage/furniture concept uses standardised folded acrylic components to be combined into ergonomically functional and aesthetically pleasing forms. The system allows for uniquely flexible interior design with the possibility of recombining components into new items as required.


Design 5

This concept uses the durability of acrylic to create a combined bike storage system for shared bike schemes with a contemporary bus shelter (solar powered) to create an attractive, yet optimally functional piece of street furniture to encourage urban cycle use.


Design 6

A minimalist design for a compact, durable and hygienic pet home.


Design 7

A flexible modular eye wear system for 6-12 year olds that allows low cost acrylic components to be assembled into durable glasses that can easily be personalised by colour, lens prescription and frame size as children age.


Design 8

Modular garden wall to allow for plant life in areas lacking in green space. Can be extended/customised vertically and horizontally. Purple acrylic selected due to purple light being the most helpful for photosynthesis.


Design 9

A multifaceted construction system fabricated from an aluminium grid system incorporating coated acrylic translucent panels to create colourful and dynamic protective canopies designed to alleviate the functional monotony of urban structures.


Design 10

Acrylic’s properties as an attractive formable, tough material that can be recycled makes it an ideal material to create futuristic urban furniture that is attractive and resistant to damage with a low environmental footprint.


Design 11

Highly contemporary, aesthetically pleasing, durable and space efficient acrylic moulded public hygiene facilities, with a minimalist design inspired by natural leaf forms.


Design 12

“Smart Pot” uses a moisture-sensitive coating within the acrylic pot to be opaque unless the plant is adequately watered. It harnesses acrylic’s transparency to create an aesthetically pleasing, customisable plant growing container with different styles of base insert.


Design 13

The natural beauty of acrylic is exploited in this sophisticated drink unit designed for use in clubs and bars where its stable, durable form and smooth wipe-clean, bacteria resistant, surfaces will be appreciated.


Design 14

Inspired by nature, this modular acrylic partition mimics the effect of foliage, utilising rotating translucent coloured leaves to control solar impact on living/working spaces and change the mood of the environment.

Design 15

A fun, colourful and durable, modular storage system for children’s rooms.The system allows for user flexibility in creating spaces to play and relax in.

Design 16

Inspired by the undersea world, the “Atlantis” light combines low voltage, energy efficient OLED illumination with a moulded structure that exploits the versatility and aesthetic beauty of acrylic.


Design 17

This project envisages the presentation of incomplete historic structures by using 3D scanning to create acrylic bridging components to replace missing elements in the structure, thus ‘imagining’ its complete physical form whilst preserving the integrity of original components.


Design 18

This concept uses acrylic tubing in hexagonal modular forms to create an external hollow wall matrix that provides both a functional rainwater drainage system and a habitat for flora/fauna.


Design 19

Inspired by the Christmas tree shape, the ‘festive’ or festival tree is a celebratory public sculpture created from lightweight and durable transparent acrylic modules designed so that the structure can be moved and reconfigured into different spectacular forms.


Design 20

The unique styling of this illuminated transparent acrylic bathroom wash basin is designed to highlight to the user their water consumption.

Design 21

Created from shaped acrylic plates, this floor standing light is illuminated by LEDs set into a rotating turntable of lenses, creating a range of possible colour effects.


Design 22

A contemporary cradle system for infants 0-3 years of age with integrated sensors and low energy light. The hygienic acrylic  construction with vertical apertures rather than bars means that light and air circulation are optimised.


Design 23

This contemporary, minimalist shelf/radiator is created from a single sheet of formed clear acrylic integrating an energy efficient infra-red heater as a stylish alternative to a traditional radiator.


Design 24

An elegant double-sided bench for up to six persons, suitable for internal or external use and with an integrated plant holder. A classic construction that takes full advantage of the beauty and strength/durability of acrylic.