Students are drawn to Lucite International’s (LI) US internship programme in various ways: some hear about it from family or friends’ parents who are LI employees, some learn about the programme through college administrators. However they join, their experiences are a valuable insight into the workings of our Company. Last week we introduced two of our 2015 summer interns who shared with us the most interesting aspects of their internships. Today we continue with another two talented college students who also enjoyed their time with us, Caleb Wooten (first photo) and Shitong Jin (second photo).

Caleb Wooten

What have you enjoyed most?
CW: One of the best parts of my internship was being able to make suggestions and see my ideas implemented in the field. I enjoyed being able to come up with ideas and communicate openly with the operators and mechanics.
SJ: I enjoyed the opportunity to work independently because of the trust from colleagues, supervisors and the people I worked with. It’s great to work with people who care about the Company and their own honesty, hard work and integrity.

Three words to describe LI Inc.?
CW: Opportunistic, Community-Oriented, Forward-Thinking
SJ: Reliable, Cohesive, Dedicated

What are your plans for the near future?
CW: LI has a small company feel with a lot of opportunity to make suggestions and see change implemented. I would definitely consider working here in the long-term because I think there is a lot of opportunity for experience and leadership within the Company.
SJ: I plan to go back to the University of Maryland to finish the last semester for my Masters degree and will try to seek a job in the US after graduation. I think this internship has helped me to get further experience in my field.

Shitong Jin

If you are a talented and enthusiastic individual, like Caleb and Shitong, who is also interested in working for a global leader in the chemicals industry, we would love to hear from you. In addition to recruiting apprentices and university students, we are also keen to attract those with experience in the many disciplines that make up a global business. We have opportunities for positions based in our manufacturing plants, as well as office-based roles. Please check our website’s careers section for more information on the current opportunities and ways to join us.

If you do not find a role that suits you feel free to contact us at [email protected]